Ginger Moore

Ginger Moore is a local architect in Concord, NC and has been involved in community service and non-profits for the last 25 years. Ginger is an alumnus of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree and has a Master of Architecture degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has designed several animal related buildings and projects which led to a better understanding of the veterinary medical needs in our local community. Ginger had a dog, Roma, who in her senior years received excellent medical care and allowed her to live out her life very comfortable until she succumbed to cancer at the age of 16. She currently has two pets, Mia – a 3 year old border collie mix and Katarina (Cat for short) – a 2 year old tabby cat who chases Mia around the house. Mia, and her predecessor Roma, have always come to work with Ginger every day. Ginger is passionate about the Mission of The Splashpaw Foundation, Inc and how it helps the local community.