Cabarrus County Meals on Wheels

logo - mowApproximately 60% of the people receiving Meals on Wheels have a pet and did you know that they have a Pet Food Program? This program helps keep the human food going to the humans and then the pets eat the pet food. Too often their pet is all they have left and they don’t want their companion to go without! The Splashpaw Foundation has helped provide over 3000 pounds of pet food to Meals on Wheels in 2014.

The Splashpaw Foundation corporate office serves as a drop off location for Pet Food. We will take the food and re-bag it in Gallon Size Ziplock bags for easier delivery and handling by Meals on Wheels Volunteers and recipients. We also shop for pet food and supply their pet food pantry when it gets low through your donations. We can fill up a Subaru or a Hummer with pet food in a heartbeat!

If your school group or organization would like to know more about Our Pet Food Program or Meals on Wheels Pet Food Program let us know and we’ll be happy to come and speak to your group.

Please visit the website to learn more about Meals on Wheels: