If you would like to help with The Splashpaw Foundation, you can do so in many ways:

We can always use donations of Dogfood and Catfood to help the Meals on Wheels program. Lots of folks have animals but no way to get food for their animals, so they share the food they get from Meals on Wheels. They literally take food away from themselves and giving it to the pets, prohibiting either one of them to get the amount of food they both need . Through the Dogfood and Catfood donations, the Seniors get their food as well as a gallon sized bag of food for their pets. Now both can be full and happy. Please drop off all pet food donations to The Splashpaw Foundation at 222 Church St N, Concord NC 28025.

You can also donate money through our pay pal account to help for any medical expense in the treatment of pets or children who are in need of financial assistance. All cases are Veterinary or Doctor referrals and the donations are are used to help for surgeries, medicine, treatments, etc.

For online donations please use this link:

We also can use volunteers for any event we have through the year. See our upcoming events page to see if you would like to volunteer at any event. Contact us and leave us a message on how you would like to help.

All donations are tax deductible since we are a registered 501 (c)3. Please ask for a receipt of your donation for your records.

If you need help or assistance:

All cases are Vet or Doctor referrals for Cabarrus and Rowan Counties Only. Please have your Veterinarian or Practice Manager contact us directly.