I Said I Was Going To Take A Break: The Beginning

I Said I Was Going To Take A Break: The Beginning

 I had told Dr Julian that I wasn’t going to get another pet for a long time; that I needed a break after both Pisa and Roma died of cancer. Roma, my dog, was about 16 when we had to make that awful decision to let her go. Roma went everywhere and had been going to work with me since 1996. After Roma died it just wasn’t the same. It was lonely without her. It was also difficult timing with family members fighting cancer as well. So, needless to say we all spent a great deal of time with Doctors both veterinary and human. I still swore I was going to take a break and not get another dog for a long time. I missed Roma terribly. Grief is real, whether it be for a human or a pet!

Apparently, a long time and taking a break is two weeks and one day just in case you were wondering! I started looking around for a shelter dog and came across the puppy rescue in Harrisburg. I kept looking at this one puppy’s face. She had such sweet eyes. I went to visit her on a Saturday morning with my money in hand but I wasn’t sure I was going to take her home and my friend, Cindy, talked me into it. But I did – it did take me a while to warm up to her because I missed Roma so much. They are night and day!

I had wanted to keep with the Italian name thing and nothing seemed to fit. Then I looked up Italian girl names and Mia meant “my girl” or “mine” in Italian although Mom wanted me to name her Bambino. I stuck with Mia and oh is she ever mine. She is the sweetest but wildest dog I have ever had!